Well hello there, and welcome to the scary mind of Jamie Drummond…

I thought it was about time that I started my own little space on the interweb… a place to post my podcast interviews and allow me to write all manner of nonsense about wine, food, music and whatever comes to mind actually.

For the past 18 months or so I have been posting my Jamie Drummond and Friends On Wine podcasts through the Jamie Kennedy website, here,  but I felt it would beneficial to post them on my own site also.

I guess I will start with a quick picture of dinner the other night, braised lamb shanks with a mint and orange pesto.

Braised Lamb Shanks with a Mint and Orange Pesto

Braised Lamb Shanks with a Mint and Orange Pesto

The recipe was taken from one I came across on Chowhound and then decided to change slightly… this one.

We chose to serve it will some ridiculously rich mashed potatoes (tonnes of heavy cream and butter) and a teeny weeny touch of truffle oil (despite protestations from the Melon!).

It sang when paired with a 2001 Rioja… delicious… so very delicious. Thanks to Lauren for coming by and having supper with us.

So expect to see more on this blog in the coming days as I get my mind around this particular interface, and work out just how to put up damn audio files… Grrr…

If you have any questions or comments please direct them to jamie@jamiedrummond.ca

One comment

  1. gringogidget · April 8, 2009

    This sounds amazing. What gorgeous colour.

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