Back Pain… and then some…

Since around 1992 I have had some serious problems with  my back.

In Scotland I was diagnosed with (the classic) sciatica. After seeing a dodgy walk-in-clinic Doctor and a few sessions with rather attractive Physiotherapist (who insisted that I strip to my undies to do the physiotherapy BTW… I believe that at one point I was rather touched by this, and proceeded to invite her to a concert by my much beloved  Beth Orton… hey, it was a long time ago and she wore a nurse’s uniform during treatment, so give me a break… she declined the invitation), I was prescribed with a steady diet of Diazepam, Dihydrocodeine, Diclofenac, and some disgusting oily-toffee-tasting tincture that was supposed to deal with the utterly diabolic chronic constipation caused by at least two of the aforementioned medications. Oh, the memories…

Those medications haunt me to this day, with recurring acid-reflux and the gastro-intestinal tract of a 90 year old man (much like my back). Damn the NHS I say!

When I moved to Canada, almost 15 years ago, I hobbled off the plane, after a good 12 months with a walking stick. I was referred to a superb Chiropractor who, through the course of a few years of treatment (and getting me off the drugs), allowed me to walk normally and enjoy the freedom that a healthy body does. Recently I have, through the recommendation of Brad Long, been seeing the, quite frankly amazing, Toronto Acupuncturist, Mary Wong, although she did freak out a little on our first meeting when I showed her this. My next appointment is this coming Wednesday… it cannot come sooner!

Anyway… the point of this… is to say that, for the first time in around 2 years, my back hurts like…. Rrrrrrrrr… I don’t even have words to explain it… my left buttock feels as if it is about to combust.

I have severe herniation of discs L5 and T12.

I had to take the day off work today and that really pissed me off… I had a lot to do.

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