Andrew Weatherall on Tim Sweeney’s Beats In Space radio show

Last month Tim Sweeney uploaded a great mix by Andy Weatherall for his fabulous Beats In Space radio show.

Mr Andrew Weatherall

Mr Andrew Weatherall

Weatherall has been my DJ of choice ever since I saw him at a Kinky Disco party in South London in 1990 and he literally blew my mind. In the following years I have travelled all over the planet to see him.

You should give this mix a listen… it is superb… and it’s right here.

Beats In Space Tracklisting:

1. DJ Hell – The Angst Part 1&2
2. Andrew Weatherall – Brother Johnston’s Traveling Disco Consultancy
3. Fairplay – U Know U Jack (Weatherall Remix)
4. Andrew Weatherall – Walk Of Shame (Instrumental)
5. Filthy Dukes – This Rhythm (Emperor Machine Remix)
6. The Golden Filter – Solid Gold (Russ Chimes Remix)
7. Who Made Who – The Plot (Discodeine Remix)
8. Katelectro – Plug (Ottomatique Remix)

Oh… and while we are at it… Weatherall has a more Rock and Roll oriented mix over on his Rotter’s Golf Club website.

Double Gone Radio Volume 2 Tracklisting:

1. El Telecote / Calvin Cool (Romulan)
2. Tranquilizer / Pirate Love (Kong Tiki)
3. Shish Kebab / Black Albinos (Delta)
4. Ab/B# / Blue Bambinos (unknown)
5. Rare as the Yeti / Kid Congo (In The Red)
6. Well Alright / Spoon (4 AD)
7. Golden Phone / Micachu (Rough Trade)
8. The Keeper / Higamos Hogamos (DC)
9. Black Eyed Suzy / Justin Townes Earl (Blood Shot)
10. Throwing Bones / Phantom Band (Chemikal Underground)
11. Brotherhood of Death / Apollo Sunshine (Black & Greene)
12. Running on Empty Dub / Honkey Finger (Horse)
13. Redlight / Salem (Rough Trade)
14. Not Invited / The Hunches (In The Red)
15. The One Thing / Grampall Jookabox (Asthmatic Kitty)
16. Body Combat / Black Lips (Vice)
17. Hey You Guys / Circle Square (K7!)
18. Besides / Gui Boratto (Kompakt)

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