Jamie Drummond and Friends on Wine – Episode 14 Van Williamson (Edmeades)

Some years ago, back in 2006 I think, I had the pleasure of meeting Edmeades Winemaker Van Williamson for the very first time. Van took Chef Jamie Kennedy, Anton Potvin (Owner/Sommelier of Niagara Street Cafe), Mitko Milev, Alex Hamilton and myself through an in-depth tasting of the entire range of Edmeades Mendocino wines. In the years following our first meeting, Van and myself have gotten together upon numerous occasions, notably at San Francisco’s ZAP festival (An intimidatingly large Zinfandel tasting that happens every year at the end of January). As well as being an extremely skilled Winemaker, Van is one of the loveliest fellows one could ever meet (and he knows the very best dim sum joints in SF’s Chinatown!). Let’s hope that he comes to visit us up in Toronto sometime in the near future.

Dan Donovan, Van Williamson (Edmeades) and Jamie

Dan Donovan, Van Williamson (Edmeades) and Jamie

This podcast was recorded in my hotel room, quite early in the morning, and I wasn’t feeling too fresh due to some over-indulgence the evening before…

Listen to my interview with Van “The Vanimal” Williamson here.

Right-click and “Save Link As” if you’d like to save it to your hard drive…

Running Time: 1:03:12 | File size: 58.8MB

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