Jamie Drummond and Friends on Wine – Episode 15 Paul Draper (Ridge)

In January of 2008 I was wandering around one of the huge halls at the massive ZAP tasting in San Francisco when I came across the iconic Winemaker Paul Draper of Ridge pouring his wine and being harassed by some rather intoxicated Zin fanatics. I suggested that we wander outside for a little while and record a podcast, a suggestion that he happily embraced. The results of our chat are what is recorded here, and listening to it once again raises quite a few smiles as I remember just how much Zinfandel I had “tasted” at this point in the proceedings. There is also quite a surreal sequence involving a spaced-out passerby towards the end of the interview… oh the miraculous powers of Zinfandel.

Jamie and Paul Draper, Winemaker at Ridge

Jamie and Paul Draper, Winemaker at Ridge

Listen to my interview with the legendary Paul Draper here.

You can either stream it through the built-in Flash player or

Right-click and “Save Link As” if you’d like to save it to your hard drive…

Running Time: 40:39 | File size: 46.6MB

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