Andrew Weatherall on Double Gone Radio Volume 1

Last week I posted links to a couple of Weatherall mixes I had been enjoying as of late.

Mr. Andrew Weatherall

Mr. Andrew Weatherall

Here is another one, Volume 1 of his dirty, sleazy Rock and Roll excursions. It’s funny, so many Weatherall fans who love his more techno/electro leanings really don’t get his current meandering into the darker, seedier side of Rock and Roll. Oh well… I find it most refreshing.

You gotta say yes to another excess…

Double Gone Radio Volume 1 Tracklisting:

1. El Tecolote / Calvin Cool (white label)
2. Boy with the Be-Bop Glasses / The Dawn Breakers (Omni Recordings)
3. Black Denim Trousers and Motorcycle Boots / The Cheers (Atlantic)
4. Old Fat Benny / Raw Meat (Sleazy records)
5. Rockit N’ Roll / J.D. Smith (Ambassador Records)
6. Final Kick / The Tall Boys (Big Beat)
7. Feel Like a Woman / Selfish Cunt (Sparrow’s Tear)
8. R+B Paul / Sleaford Mods (A52 Sounds)
9. Visions Arise / S.C.U.M. (loog)
10. I’m Good, I’m Gone (Metronomy Remix) / Lykke Li (679)
11. All the Little Things that Make Life Worth Leaving / Andrew Weatherall (Rotters Golf Club)
12. Paranoiaclaustrophobia / Basement 5 (Island)
13. Hatbox (Bees Version) / Lark (Care in the Community)
14. Tardis (Brendan Lynch Remix) / Lark (Care in the Community)
15. Visit Colonel / The Oh Sess (Tomlab)
16. Dole Drums (The Wolfe Howard Theme) / Billy Childish and the MBEs

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