Boy’s Own and the realisation that I am a veritable “Acid House Grandad”

I just had the epiphany that I am now a bona-fide Acid House Grandad.

Today I received a message from my long-term music friend David Bowie (I kid you not… it’s not that David Bowie, but that is actually his real name).

He told me that a Berlin-based design company were re-issuing T-Shirts (with the express permission of artist David Little) of some old Boy’s Own designs. I became most excited at the mere words “Boy’s Own” and immediately ordered a couple from a Swedish website as they were sold out everywhere else I looked. Then I started thinking… okay, here I am in 2009 at 37 years old, buying one of the same T-Shirt designs that I was wearing back in 1990-ish… when I was 18 years old… is there something wrong here? Am I attempting to re-live my youth? I don’t think so…

Then I realised something… when I made the decision to go to university in London in 1989 it wasn’t for the love of my girlfriend at the time, nor the pursuit of a degree in Cultural Studies.

It was for the music… and SPECIFICALLY the Acid House.

A dodgy pic of me circa 1991 replete with Boy's Own T-Shirt

A dodgy pic of me circa 1991 replete with Boy's Own T-Shirt

Splendid memories of  halcyon nights at MFI, Sin, The Yellow Book, Flying, Spectrum, Land of Oz, Kinky Disco, Tonka Soundsystem, Flying, Pure Sexy, Tongue Kung Fu, Love Ranch and the like came flooding back… and I was overcome with rushing waves of nostalgia… which is every bit as good as it used to be BTW.

And I smiled.

And realised I am now not only a seriously Old Trooper…

…but I am officially an Acid House Grandad.

Time to did out that skinny wee “VIVA ACID HOUSE” T-Shirt with all the hot rock holes methinks…

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