Jamie Drummond and Friends on Wine – Episode 19 Return To Terroir

A bit of a dirty Biodynamic quadruple-header here.

Featuring (clockwise) Antoine Kreydenweiss (Winemaker, Marc Kreydenweiss, Alsace/Rhone Valley, France), Jean-Michel Deiss (Winemaker, Marcel Deiss, Alsace, France), Jean-Francois Deu (Winemaker, Domaine duTraginer , Banyuls, France) and Ricardo Palacios (Winemaker, Descendientes de J. Palacios, Bierzo, Spain)

Jamie and some Biodynamic Buddies.

Jamie and some Biodynamic Buddies

Listen to me speak some quite frankly APPALLING French right here.

You can either stream it through the built-in Flash player or

Right-click and “Save Link As” if you’d like to save it to your hard drive…

Running Time: 1:10:27 | File size: 80.7MB

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