Jamie Drummond and Friends on Wine – Episode 21 Jeff Meyers (Montevina)

I’m sitting here this rainy Toronto Monday morning with a rather excellent glass of 2006 Montevina Terra D’Oro “Deaver Vineyard” (100+ Year Old Vines) Zinfandel… and it is BLOODY DELICIOUS.

Many moons ago, on my very first trip to California, I had the pleasure of visiting Montevina winery in Amador County. The highlight of that trip for me was the chance to have dinner with Montevina’s then Winemaker, Jeff Meyers. That meeting was the one that sparked a long friendship and so many, many laughs. Jeff went on to become Vice President and General Manager at Montevina, with Chris Leamy stepping into the Winemaker role.

This podcast is a bit of a double-whammy as first up you have my interview with Jeff Meyers on his last Toronto visit followed up by my rather animated interview with Chris Leamy outside the ZAP conference in San Francisco in 2008. Apologies for the damn seagulls

Jamie and Jeff Meyers (Montevina)

Jamie and Jeff Meyers (Montevina)

Listen to my natters with Jeff and Chris from Montevina right here.

You can either stream it through the built-in Flash player or

Right-click and “Save Link As” if you’d like to save it to your hard drive…

Running Time: 1:19:02 | File size: 108.6MB

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