Divine – Native Love

I can seriously remember my Mother watching the late Divine on Top Of The Pops on BBC1 back in the early 80’s and saying that she thought him to be “utterly VULGAR”.

She was so very disgusted. He gave her the boak.

Me, I was rather taken by Bobby O‘s pulsing, pounding sequencers… I guess my Mum got a wee bit worried about me at this point… and perhaps rightly so.

Hey... I was younger... note the Thistle Awards for athletics BTW.

Hey... I was younger, it was 1983... note the Thistle Awards for athletics BTW.

No airbrushing there… just pure old fashioned “hairstyling” with Black and White pomade.

The then fashionably stylish cut was courtesy of esteemed “Hairdresser”, James Wood and Sons, 12 Drummond Street, Edinburgh. I believe that they are still there at the time of writing and are still providing the very best in hairstyles in my old home town of Edinburgh.

Wood's the Barbers.

Wood's the Barbers.

But for me it has always been about the damn music.

The divine Divine.

The divine Divine.

Anyway… here we go… a bit of an obvious one here, but an influence on me musically nonetheless…

One comment

  1. gringogidget · April 26, 2009

    What a strapping young lad! LOVE the haircut!

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