Andy Weatherall – 6 mix

A brand spanking new Weatherall mix that I found through the great Ripped In Glasgow blog. Listen to it right here. It is from the BBC and so there are some news interruptions re: Swine Flu and the like… but the music is great… and it culminates in some hardcore disco action!


Andy Weatherall 6 Mix Tracklisting:

Andrew Weatherall – Selective Walking
M. Ashraf – Dama Dam Mast Qalander
Wooden Shjips – For So Long
Hello to Moggieboy
Kid Congo – Black Santa
Seeland – Hang On Lucifer
Thee Oh Seas – Ruby Go Home
Brakes – Don’t Take Me To Space (Man)
Love Is All – Last Choice
Gareth Sager – Not Since The Accident
Ebony Bones – W.A.R.R.I.O.R.
Camera Obscura – Swans
Handsome Furs – Nyet Spasiba
Fad Gadget – For Whom The Bell Tolls
Andrew Weatherall – Liar With Wings
The Horrors – Who Can Say
Shirley Ann Lee – There’s A Light
Steve Earle – Lungs
Honky Finger – Running On Empty
Blue Bambinos – Cherin
Joe Gideon & The Shark – Civilisation
Wild Billy Childish – The Good Times

Followed by Andrew’s Bank Holiday Disco Mix:
Manic Street Preachers – Peeled Apples (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
Donna Droid – Unknown
Snatch Show – The Emperor Machine
Deep End – Unknown
Bamboo Birdcage – Try To Look Up
Fort Knox – Pussy Galore Night Fever

And just to tie things up, here’s a great interview with the man himself from Wire magazine in 1996!

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