Relax… don’t do it.

The other day I was thinking about one of the first records that I ever owned and the HUGE impact that it had upon my musical upbringing.

In around 1984 my father, in his infinite wisdom, gave me a copy of the 12 inch single of Frankie Goes To Hollywood‘s Relax. It is strange to think that it was actually banned by the BBC as it seems so tame in today’s moral climate.

I was simply fascinated by the extended and remixed version of the single that was topping the UK charts for what seemed like years… and then when I discovered the existence of myriad other Relax 12 inches with a smorgasbord of alternate remixes… Oh boy, my life was never quite the same again. I went straight from this (and New Order‘s Blue Monday) into the heady joys of Chicago (and then Acid) House.

Today I found 3 quite different videos (and versions) of the track in question:

First up, an extremely rough (pre-ZTT/Trevor Horn) demo version screened on Channel 4‘s The Tube.

Second is the rather dodgy banned video that was later replaced by a daft “safe” one featuring Holly Johnson dancing about in lasers.

And third is a montage of the banned video above, the aforementioned “safe” video, and some “live” footage. The only reason I put it up here is because the audio is of the NY Mix that was on the A side of that very first 12 inch single that my father gave me all those years ago.

However, the ultimate mix of the track is hidden right down here, the Fairlight-driven odyssey that is the fabled “Sex Mix”. Not for the faint of heart.

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