Yello – Lost Again

To this day I feel that that Yello are one of the best “bands” ever.

The first time I heard them I was in Ripping Records at the top of Leith Walk, Edinburgh in around 1985, and the store was playing the b-side of this single, A Base For Alec, I asked what it was and ended up buying 3 records of theirs that day.

Hencewith I have had a serious loveaffair with Yello.

I saw the tall bloke who golfs (and doesn’t have a wonky eye) in the club Kinky Disco in London once, around 1992, when Weatherall was playing, he didn’t look too happy.

Saying that, maybe it wasn’t him, as I was a bit monged.

I think I went up and said hello…

As I mentioned, perhaps it wasn’t actually him…

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