I don’t know what to say… Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar

From around 7 a.m. this morning I started getting dozens of calls and messages from all and sundry regarding Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar closing down.

All of these calls were due to a front page article in Canada’s national Globe and Mail based around a press conference that Chef Kennedy gave at the Gardiner Museum regarding the change in style of operation at that facility.

Also in that article there was a mention of JKWB possibly being sold as a separate entity.

Despite some rather scurrilous remarks on both Chowhound and the Globe and Mail’s website, Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar is very much alive and kicking.

With the same staff, management and JK himself at the helm.

I have attempted to post messages on various boards verifying this (and refuting various folk’s comments) but they have been deleted.

When sharks feel blood in that water, they all gather… for want of a bite.

Don’t believe the hype.


A certain “Paul Maclean” had this to say in comments after the Globe’s online edition:

“The wine list is perhaps the worst value in town- Jamie Drummond’s ability to monopolize consignment wine shipments and charge as the company sees fit has allowed this to go unchecked since the opening. Chrystler went under largely because they were mismanaged and they sold absurd vehicles to suckers who suddenly went broke- I don’t know that this is much different- $20 glasses of wine make you a lot of money, as do Hummers, but for how long?”


It is widely known throughout the industry that our mark-up on wines is amongst the very lowest in the city.

This “Paul Maclean” obviously doesn’t have a bloody clue what he is talking about.


  1. Paul DeCampo · June 11, 2009

    Very well put, JD. Elements of this biz thrive on the dirt, but the survivors support each other, keep delighting guests, and share a laugh at the bar when the night is over. And then do it all over again with spirit.

  2. Endy · June 12, 2009

    glad to hear the straight news on the fate (or not!) of the Wine Bar. Looking forward to many more great meals there. Cheers.

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