Andy Weatherall article/interview at Resident Advisor

Over at Resident Advisor there is a pretty damn good article/interview with the One Lone Swordsman himself, Mr. Andrew Weatherall. I can see a few errors, but all in all a good piece.

Weatherall... again.

Weatherall... again.

“Andrew Weatherall is a legend. It’s a weighty word, legend, but it really and truly is the only one that can accurately sum up the numerous accomplishments of the man’s career. From his early days as a young hipster in the Boys Own crew or his production on Primal Scream’s essential Madchester document, Screamadelica, on through to his work in the ’90s with The Sabres of Paradise and Two Lone Swordsmen and into the late ’00s with his first release under his own name—a record which Simon Reynolds’ called “his most enticing offering yet”—and all the while crafting inspiring DJ sets that span genres effortlessly, Weatherall has pushed relentlessly forward in as many directions as possible, rarely looking back take stock of his incredible oeuvre.”

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