Anrew Weatherall 6 Mix – 1st of August 2009

Weatherall on a chair... with a lady.

Weatherall on a chair... with a lady.

It`s been a little while since I last posted as I haven`t been feeling too great as of late. Hopefully all of that is all behind me now!

Here`s the new 6 Mix from Mr. Weatherall. I am listening to it right now and it is great. Listen to it here.


D Edwardson – Cutting the Funk
The Kickstands – Scrambler
Tom Allalone & the 78s – Crashland
Unknown Artist – Penny
Tav Falco – Real Cool Trash
Dex Romweber Duo feat .Jack White – Last Kind Word Blues
Reichmann – Titel
The Urban Voodoo Machine – Orphan’s Lament
Terry Hall & Mushtaq – Ten Eleven
Blind Blake – John B. Sail
Tinariwen – Imdiwan Afrik Tendam
Brenda Ray – Starlight
Ian Hunter – Arms And Legs
Lotus Plaza – Quicksand
Paul Haig – Ghostrider
The Crestones – Motorcycle
Crocodiles – Flash Of Light
Detachments – Heard A Lie
Detachments – Heard A Lie (Weatherall Disco remix)

The Glimmers – Est Si Esta No
Unknown – White Label
Mugwump – Tellakian Circles
D.A.F – Do You Love Me Too (Coko Carina edit)
Neville Watson – Time To Lose Control
Pressure System – The Voice From Planet Love
Andrew Weatherall – Liar With Wings (Ian Weatherall & Ian Carter remix)

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