Terroir 2010 Board Meeting September

Last night we had another successful boardmeeting for Terroir 2010. Anne Jasper of The Vine was kind enough to allow us to use her lovely new office space for the meeting (and serve us some wonderful Sauvignon from Valter Scarbolo alongside some rather delicious pizza from Lil’ Baci. For those of you unfamiliar with Terroir, it is a Toronto-based Hospitality Industry Symposium that is moving into its fourth year. In previous years I have assisted by sitting on a couple of panels for the wine breakout sessions, but this year I made the decision to commit a little more time to the event and actively contribute by sitting on the Terroir 2010 board.

Terroir Mission Statement:

Terroir believes it is vital to the future of the hospitality industry that we celebrate our diverse culture of professionals by building a strong and accessible collective. We are committed to recognizing and encouraging each individual that invests knowledge, experience, tradition, exceptional skills, inspiration, and invention to the business of hospitality. Our group envisions opportunities to create forums and venues where industry members can come together to support, educate, inform, invest in, and recognize individuals and teams within our professional environment.

Terroir 2010 Board Meeting

Terroir 2010 Board Meeting

The meeting went extremely well, with much being discussed with regards to the various speakers and break-out sessions for Terroir 2010. I seem to remember putting my name forward to put together this coming Terroir’s program… oh well, I must dust off my old desktop publishing skills I suppose…

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