My trip to New Zealand

Over the past couple of weeks I have had the pleasure of attending a number of wine conferences and symposiums all over New Zealand. Links to some of my tasting notes from my time down there are below. Please excuse the brevity of many of them We were on a punishingly tight schedule and occasionally internet connections were very hard to come by.

Day 1
Hawkes Bay Cab/Merlot Symposium

Day 2
Hawkes Bay Syrah Symposium

Day 3
Tasting at Craggy Range, Hawkes Bay with Steve Smith MW

Day 4
Tasting at Ata Rangi, Martinborough with Helen Masters and Clive Patton

Day 5
First Day of Pinot Conference (NZ Pinot Noir Regions and Aged NZ Pinots)

Day 6
Second Day of Pinot Conference (Sustainability)

Day 7
Third and final day of Pinot Conference (NZ Pinots vs. the rest of the world)

Day 8
A blind tasting of Malborough Sauvignon Blancs

Day 9
Tasting through the entire Staete Landt range

Day 10
A tasting through the entire Carrick range

Day 11
A tasting through the entire Felton Road range – The Last Day!

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  1. Highlander · February 13, 2010

    God, it’s tough at the top! 😉

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