Jamie Drummond on Food and Wine #32 Emmanuela Paterianiki

Our intrepid reporter with Emmanuela and Nicky Paterianiki

Last month, whilst on a tour of Greece with All About Greek Wine and HEPO, I had the pleasure of meeting the delightful Paterianiki sisters in Heraklion, Crete. Emanuela and Nicky’s family’s wine estate, Domaine Paterianakis, has been organically cultivating rare indigenous varietals since 1988, gradually introducing some international plantings in the years following. Emanuela and Nicky are the perfect example of the new generation that is coming to the fore of Greek winemaking: skilled, smart, savvy, and well aware of the enormous potential for their wines on the world stage.

After putting up with my rantings at the tail end of a superb eye-opening walk-around tasting featuring 23 Cretan wineries, Emanuela kindly took some time out to sit beside the pool of the rather stylish Hotel Galaxy and speak about her family’s wines with GFR.

Look out for more tales and pictures from Jamie’s Greek Odyssey in the coming months…

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