Jamie Drummond on Food and Wine #53 Chef Carles Abellan (Comerc 24, Barcelona)


Just last night Rioja house Bodegas Campo Viejo hosted a marvelous dinner at The Chef’s House with guest Chef Carles Abellan (of Comerc 24, Barcelona fame) and Winemaker Roberto Vicente Miguel (Campo Viejo).

We were lucky enough to snag a couple of impromptu interviews with both of them…

Chef Abellan brought with him Chefs Giovanni Esteve (Bravo 24) and Arnau Munio (Comerc 24) and Good Food Revolution caught up with them post-dinner at Claudio Aprile‘s Origin, where they were enjoying a plethora of Chef Aprile’s creations.

Coming on like a Catalan David Lynch, Chef Abellan certainly delivered the goods…

Chef Chris McDonald welcomes our guest Chefs
Egg “Surprise” Comerc 24
Pork Rind, Yogurt
Chef Abellan in action
Phyllo, Parma, Lemon
Mackerel, Citrus, Aromatics
Seafood “Suquet” Catalan Style
Anton, Alan, Scott, Claudio
Duck Rice, Foie, Kikos (Toasted Corn Kernels), Canadian Mushrooms
Bread. Oil. Chocolate. Salt.
Chef John Higgins

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