Jamie Drummond on Food and Wine #59 Chris Hancock MW (Robert Oatley)


Chris Hancock MW

I meet a lot of very knowledgeable folks during my vinous adventures, colourful characters who have lived and breathed wine for their entire lives, and know more about the subject than I could ever dream to understand. Chris Hancock, Master of Wine is one of those people.

Amongst many other achievements, Chris was integral to the inception and development of Rosemount, a label that was, in its heyday, undoubtedly one of the most prominent in the whole of Australia.

Chris is now, with his old friend Bob Oatley, bottling some of the most vibrant, modern, approachable, and varietally correct Australian wines that I have tasted in quite some time. Chris is a pleasure to spend time with and, being the information sponge that I am, you can be assured that I hung on his every word.

Check out his Robert Oatley wines if you get the opportunity… if you have a wee dig you’ll see that I have trumpeted them previously. Jancis Robinson agrees with me BTW.


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