Jamie Drummond on Food and Wine #68 Matt Dees (Jonata)

Winemaker Matt Dees at Toronto’s Communist’s Daughter

In recent years it has been a rare thing to see LCBO customers queuing for bottles in the manner they once did in days of yore. However, this weekend at both the Summerhill and Oakville stores, wine-hungry hordes stood patiently in line for a chance to grab a single bottle from the very limited allocations of both Jonata and The Paring. Matt Dees, the young, energetic Winemaker behind both of these labels was in town to quell the rabble and introduce his wines to the Ontario market, so GFR tracked him down with on Sunday afternoon and had a lovely chat about his wines.

Matt’s wines are available through both Classics Catalogue (Classic Collections) and Vintages (California Icons). For further information please contact Woodman Wines and Spirits.

Lineups at the LCBO for Matt’s wines

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