Jamie Drummond on Food and Wine #70 Valter Scarbolo (Azienda Agricola Scarbolo)

Valter Scarbolo looking terribly serious one early morning at Terroni on Adelaide

Valter Scarbolo is everything one could wish for in a Winemaker… He is charming, genial, open, and genuinely likeable… oh, and he also happens to make some of our very favourite Northeastern Italian wines, something that means a hell of a lot!

When it comes to Friuli, Scarbolo is undoubtedly one of the true stars of the region, producing some of the most exciting whites around. Forget the factory-farmed Pinot Grigios of the more well known brands, Valter produces wines of true depth, with glorious minerality, texture, and complexity.

Just the other week Valter was in town to host a dinner at Grano as well as head up an educational session for Terroni staff… we caught up with him first thing in the morning with a glass of his Pinot Grigio,

A previous audio interview with him can be found here.

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