Jamie Drummond on Food and Wine #100 EXTREME Winemaking

Some Pinot Noir on the vine at Carter’s Vineyards, Essex, England.

This week sees Jamie Drummond travel to the very limits of grape cultivation in an attempt to discover just what it is that drives men to make wine in such marginal growing regions.

In this two part 100th edition Drummond visits Carter’s Vineyards in Essex, England and Vankleek Vineyard in Eastern Ontario.

Barrel aging of wine outdoors at Carter’s Vineyard.
Wind Power: Carter’s Vineyards are entirely off the grid.
Winemaker Marty Kral takes us on a tour of his Vankleek Hill vineyards.
Electronic pest deterrents at Vakleek Hill Vineyard. I don’t know about the birds, but this gadget scared the bejeezus out of the GFR team.

If you are having trouble viewing this video please click here.

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