The Stop’s Night Market

Christina Kuypers mixing at a storm on the 1st evening of The Stop's Night Market

Christina Kuypers mixing up a storm on the 1st evening of The Stop’s Night Market

Now in its second year, The Stop’s Night Market has in 12 months become thee essential Summer event for many a Toronto foodster.

Selling out both nights in the what was literally the blink of an eye, this year’s Night Market raised $115,000 for The Stop’s critical anti-hunger programs, enough to provide three days worth of healthy and nutritious food for over 9,000 people.

Good Food Revolution were there for night one, and were so busy filming that they didn’t even have a chance to eat anything!

We did our best to cover all of the booths, but that was nigh on impossible… what a splendid event though.

Well done to all involved in the planning and execution of what is fast becoming the event of the year.

If you are having trouble viewing this video please click here.

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